A Day in the Life

The very social Saturday 5th March 2011 started with A Fiesta Cumpleaños Tardeada at Gil and Lucy’s for her mother Connie who was celebrating her 90th, (o sexto quinceñera, como dice Lucy). Connie was in fine fettle, dancing with every man at the party and setting a pace that didn’t slacken until everyone had left. Connie is a treasure. Great Lucy-style food as usual and a fun time had by all.

The day ended with the Mardi Gras parade in the streets of Olas Altas and later still at Mañanas, a gay club where I joined friends Laurena and Eddie. Looking for some shots I ended up in the change room where the paid performers were getting ready for their flambouyant show.

Later still, we ended up at Polonios for tacos, a good cleansing ale and some pool.

A full day.

Gil discovered the video function on his camera

the wind changed and I caught Barabarita at an unfortunate moment..

but all was soon forgiven.

and a chocolate birthday cake that you would never have guessed was lactose-free.

El Cuetero-in-residence Gil did his rocketman show for the finale with a bang.

And then for something completely different I joined a younger bunch of friends to help  celebrate the Mardi Gras Carnaval Parade through Olas Altas.

…and later at Club Mañana, PV’s Nocturnal Gay Party Central. I wanted some behind-the-scenes shots and found some in the performer’s dressing room.

and later still for tacos, billar and agua fresca at Apolonio’s.