Mark Callanan has finally found his way home

Mark sailed into Mexico in 1996 ostensibly on his way home to Australia after a circumnavigation and a world tour with long and interesting layovers.

It was an unexpected but mutual embrace with Mexico that lasted 15 years and started his career as a professional photographer.

In that period, his photographic emphasis was on architectural studies of private homes and public buildings undertaken for designers, architects, owners and agents. Work there also included travel, lifestyle and documentary projects. He has been published worldwide in many magazines and books.

The rest of the website is given up to personal projects and answering the question of “O. And what sort of photography do you do?”

This site also serves as portal to a commercial stock image library containing 9,000+ images from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and various global locations.

Mark left Mexico in 2011 and is now back home in Sydney, Australia.

tel+61 421048684