The 5th of July


Point Arena has it’s 4th of July parade and fireworks on almost any day in early July other than the 4th.  2008 was no exception. Because of the obvious demand for pyrotechnic performances on the Day of Independence, wily companies will offer serious discounts to towns willing to fudge dates. This was a tradition set by Raven Earlygrow, Point Arena’s mayor in the 80’s and the tradition lives on tho sadly he doesn´t. The temporal shift of America’s most sacred holiday is wholly in keeping with PA’s inherent irreverance for the Establishment. Too many old hippies and creative spirits for the town to be anything else, really. But that doesn’t stop ’em from flying flags and dancin’ in the street.
Any excuse for a party.
The Extra Action Dance Troupe from SF led the parade on a merry jaunt around and about downtown with a performance on a makeshift stage in the park behind the feed store.
The parade runs down highway 1 through the length of downtown (one long block) much to the mixed amusement and disgruntlement of tourist traffic.
With such a small population the number of people you know in the crowd and the parade makes it a true community gathering.