PV streetscenes, barscenes

Yesterday evening me and friends hit the streets to do some final scenes of a movie we’ve been working on for a while.

Hot night. Rain. The bars and streets we were in oozed la mexicanidad. PV in the low season reverts to its mexican simplicity. Unpretentious and unaffected. Tourism ignored.
A night in front of and behind a camera. I enjoyed both.

Fiestas Patronales Punta Mita

Thursday June 30. The last night of the week-long celebrations in honour of Saints Peter and Paul, the patrons of the church in Emiliano Zapata, the pueblito on the outskirts of the Punta Mita residential development. A world away from their neighbouring golf courses, luxury villas and 5 star hotels.  Mexico in all its diversity, simplicity, contradictions and beauty.